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Let’s hold an art day at one of the schools…

Art being worn…

“Let’s hold an Art Day at one of the schools”….that was the suggestion put forward at one of our volunteer meetings.

“Umm ok” we all said tentatively “but what exactly does that involve?

“You can do whatever you want, the kids rarely get a chance to do things like that, they will love it!”

But since none of us had any previous experience and all confessed to not being “all that arty” we were not convinced and decided to have a Dry Run. This proved to be invaluable as we soon discovered some things were really not so easy to create.

It is however possible to get most things in Siem Reap these days so the sky is the limit. Big sheets of paper and card (1.5 metre by 1 metre), scissors, glue, staplers and a myriad of coloured paper/card can be bought from the stationary shops in Street 2 opposite the Provincial Hospital and next to all the pizza restaurants.

Chopsticks (in bundles of hundreds), straws, styrofoam plates, silver foil and many other wierd and wonderful resources can be acquired at the little Aladdins Cave between Sokimex petrol station and The Provincial Department of Planning Siem Reap, on Sivatta Street. Everything is sold in bulk but prices are incredibly cheap.

Psar Leu (the big market on Route 6 on the way towards the bus station) is another great source where we bought wool and material.

On the day we set up stations for each adult to manage, being;

  • Masks (using card, feathers, glitter)
  • Crowns and wands (using card, feathers, glitter, chopsticks, silver foil)
  • Face puppets (using plates and chopsticks, card for the facial features and wool for the hair)
  • Paper aeroplanes (and then get the kids to see who’s flies the furthest)
  • Necklaces/bracelets (using beads, wool, string etc)
  • Painting on the big sheets of paper (using fingers, potatoes, sponges, leaves and stones for different impressions.

We also tried face painting but have to confess this was not successful…….it was just too hot and the paint melted!

Other ideas include making gift cards, butterflies (to then be hung inthe classroom), kites and spiders. And as usual the internet is a wealth of ideas.

The biggest tip I would give is take as many templates and examples. As soon as you have shown the children what to do once, they are incredible and just get on with it. Our concern that the boys would not want to make crowns and wands was unfounded – they made the best, biggest and brightest crowns. I think the photos speak for themselves, the day was tiring but a huge success.

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