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Everyone ready to go… Angkor Bike Ride 2009

Not long to go till Thomas, Bota and I with 18 other educators and young adults from Sangkheum Center for Children will be on our bikes cycling through the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We have been heavily fundraising on behalf of the kids to raise money for their own future and so far we have raised $1,393.00 online!! Which is just fantastic!!

HOPE have entered 19 Sangkheum staff and young adults to participant in the cycle ride. Costing just below $500 the money goes towards some more projects in Siem Reap supported by Village Focus.

When Village Focus began their community hygiene and clean water program, the community worked hand in hand to create a program to build and use 70 latrines and 5 wells. Access to safe water results in families spending less time and money caring for family members who fall sick. It is now expected that the children from Kansaeng Leu Village studying at secondary school in the coming years will rise significantly.

Even though Village Focus has provided 1,164 latrines, 46 wells, and 2 ponds in Siem Reap province, it is clear that many more families are in a dire need of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

Village Focus operates Slum Schools, Community Leadership Programs, and Health and Clean Water Projects that touch lives and are making a difference.  Please support them and us further in supporting many projects in and around Siem Reap by sponsoring the young adults. CLICK HERE FOR HOPE’S JUST GIVING PAGE!

Here are our last minute prep notes…

  1. The road is in good shape, but do be on the lookout for potholes and buckling road (smooth but abrupt changes in the asphalt). The course should be fine for those on road bikes, but there is a stretch of about 5 meters that is rocky… and rough (a volunteer will be standing in front of this to tell you to slow down and be careful; road bikers may even opt to walk it). Be careful when you ride and with everything you do while in Cambodia, since our medical facilities are still very basic.
  2. There will be 3 water and snack (bananas and bread) stations along the route; 1 at approximately each 10K interval. The 30K route is 1 lap, 55K is 2 laps, and 80K is 3 laps (laps are 25K each, plus a 5K stretch to reach the start of the 1st lap).

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