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Anjali House Young Adults blog Sunday’s ride

On Sunday the 31st of October, I went to the bicycle training with my friends from Anjali and people from other organizations in Siem Reap. We started the training at 8.00 o’clock in the morning and met each other at Soria Moria Hotel. From there, we went straight on Wat Bo Road and we turned to the road near the Siem Reap River. When we went along this road, I could see my house and the houses of some of my friends. On this road, I also saw a lot of people I know, rice fields and cows.

The training was very nice for me. I had a very good time, because I never raced with my bike as far as we did during the training. I was tired, but that was ok.
Before I went to the training, I felt a little bit sick, but when I was riding my bike I felt better because I could see the beautiful views along the road and get fresh air. It is like a medicine. Therefore, I think that bike racing is a very good sport and it is a good exercise for people, because it can make you better when you’re feeling sick. So, I hope all people like bike racing.

I went bicycle training last Sunday to practice for the bike race next month. I also met some students from other organizations in Siem Reap. We rode very far, about 20 kilometers. I rode very fast and I saw many people along the road who were working on the farms. And some people drove cars or motos passed me and they looked at me. Some people were fixing the road and other people were constructing something.
I felt very happy because it is the first time. I was very tired afterwards, but I really enjoyed it. I think it is very good, I even got a new t-shirt! I also like that I get experience from the bicycle training.

My name is Roun and on Sunday last week I went to train for the bike race with my friends at Anjali and some other kids. Along the way I saw very nice places such as rice fields, trees, schools, buildings, small houses, and many kids fishing in the river. I know I can ride my bike very fast, but that day I was a little sick so I couldn’t go that fast. I hope I get better soon. I am very happy because this was the first time for me. I am happy over the moon!
Thank you!

I did bicycle training on Sunday last week. It was great, but now I’m very tired. I have never experienced riding bicycle for such a long distance. On the road, I saw rice fields, houses, landscapes and a lot of people. Last Sunday, we rode for 23 kilometers. While I was riding the bike I could feel the cool air in my face. Also, I saw a golf field. This was the first time ever that I saw one!

Hello, my name is Sopheak and I’m 16 years old. I am a student at Anjali House. On Sunday, I practiced for the bike race. First we met at Soria Moria Hotel and we got a t-shirt. After that, they told us the route that we needed to practice. Then, they took a photo of all the people together. 5 minutes later we left from the hotel and started the training. We rode a long time and we went through the country side. We saw rice fields, cattle, birds, a lot of green, and especially a lot of cool air.
I felt very exciting because this was the first time for me. I hope I will join again. It was a little hard for us to ride, because there was a lot of wind, so we couldn’t ride very fast. But it is fine!

On Sunday morning I went to practice for the bike race with my friends and my teachers. First, we meet at Anjali and then we went to Soria Moria Hotel. When we were there, we got a new t-shirt and they told us about the road that we would practice. Then they took a photo of all of us together. After that, we leave from the hotel and started the practice. We rode a long time and I saw a lot of rice fields.
I am very happy because before I never practice with this many people. Now I could practice together with all my friends and we will all join in the bike race in December. I hope I can also join the training again. It’s difficult for us, but it also gives us a good health. And I hope that I win the race!

These texts have been written by the young adults from Anjali House who participated in the bike training on Sunday morning. The stories are their own but their impeccable English has been corrected by Richard the YAP C0-ordinator who has set up the Young Adult Programme at Anjali House! Thank you Richard for your hard work and for getting the kids along to the first training session! For more information about our support to Anjali House click here!

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