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Teachers from Sangkheum Center for Children and Salariin Kampuchea attend an ELT workshop!

This week and next teacher’s from Sangkheum Center for Children and Salariin Kampuchea are attending an ELT workshop offering the opportunity to build on their skills and learn new techniques, in addition to promoting the importance of nurturing students’ skills!
HOPE is very happy to support two teachers from each organization to attend the workshop.

The work shop is a 2-week intensive course designed to be a springboard for locals wishing to teach English as a Foreign Language. The course is being conducted by a trained and experienced professional and will work within 8 workshops covering teaching practice, classroom observation and a written assignment.

Notes from Steve the teacher trainer…

….So I have completed 2 days. Very different days. The first day the electricity went off so we got candles but the teachers and students adapted well. The second day was more text book and went according to plan. The 4 teachers are very different so it should be interesting to see them teach for the 2nd time on Friday.


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