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Final update on teacher training…

Poeu putting his news skills to the test

Peou putting his new skills to the test

Mott Peou from Sangkheum Center for Children completed the teacher training course and reports in his own words the benefits of the course and what he’s learnt…

It was a beautiful last two weeks for the course at Salariin Kampuchea organization so I had learned a lot from the course such as teaching grammar lesson, listening, reading, classroom management, potential classroom problems and we had feedback at the end of every single session to find out the strength and weakness points to develop our teaching practice to apply to the real teaching demonstration after the course.

I definitely love the course and have seen myself much better developed in teaching styles almost every single session at my workplace and I am really satisfied the course that had provided lesson planning stages, new model techniques, students’ rapport and how to build up the relationships between the students and teachers to work well. I am interested in the course and really helpful for our English Programme especially the teachers who wants to teach students in formal way and successful.

At last I would like say many thanks to “Hope” that had given us the best teacher training course for last two weeks. It was precious weeks and times, should never forget and love forever. Thanks for your kindly.

Mott Peou, English Teacher at Sangkheum Center for Children

Peou in class with Steve Longley, Teacher Trainer
Peou attentive in class
Peou testing his new skills in a real classroom situation





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