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Salariian Kampuchea Young Adults see what’s like to work in a socially responsible hotel

Last week young adults from Salariian Kampuchea visited The Soria Moria Hotel in Siem Reap to get an idea of how a hotel runs front and back of house. One of the young adults have commented on their trips…

On 22nd and 24th of June 2011 at 2:30, Ravy, a life skill trainer took and brought life skill students for two teams to visit a hotel named Soria Moria hotel located in Siem Reap.

All our students cycled to the hotel and back to their home successfully.

When we arrived at the hotel, the receptionists welcomed us friendly and passed to a General Manager name Ms. Sokha and Mr. Poich, Receptionist.

During our visiting, Ms. Sokha explained and showed our students different departments and different rooms. After that our students were welcomed to ask many questions to her and they also noted down all ideas and answers from Ms. Sokha. Please see their pictures and activities during the visit underneath.

Following this Ms. Sokha recommended a meeting with Mr. Samnieng, General Director. He introduced our students to a restaurant and kitchen.

Finally, our students left the hotel and spent short time has some drinks along the river and after that they went home safely.

They are very interesting in and happy to visit the hotel and thanks to our organization and the hotel representatives take opportunity and showed them around the hotel.


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