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Young Adults visit Siem Reap’s Vocational Training Center

On Wednesday 10th of August Life Skill Program students from Salariin Kampuchea visited the Siem Reap Provincial Vocational Training Center

Here are their visit highlights:

On Wednesday 10th August 2011 at 2pm, life skill students SRI and SRII visited Siem Reap Provincial Vocational Training Center.

Both teams SRI and SRII cycled from their homes to SRI office and SRII School in order to gather for visiting.

Ravy asked SRI librarians, Aing Amara and SRII librarians to bring students from different areas. As SRII team was more students, Ravy helped and arranged to bring them from the school to the center.

When our students arrived at the center at 2:30, the representatives of Provincial Vocational Training Center welcomed and let our team gather to tell about the background of the center.

SRI: There were 13 students plus 1 librarian and 1 foreigner volunteer, Patrick.

SRII: There were 14 students plus 1 librarian and 1 life skill trainer.

After that our students both schools were divided to 2 groups to visit in different departments and skills. SRI guided by Mr Vou Kimheang, team leader and SRI guided by Mr. Hai, a staff of Vocational training center to see different departments and skills.

Both teams were active and interesting in asking as many questions as possible. They were so happy to see different skills.

The subjects and skills provided at Vocational training center:
1.    Hair dressing skills
2.    Hospitality: Cooking, housekeeping, front desk (receptionist) and bar man skills
3.    Computer training
4.    Sewing skill
5.    TV and radio repair
6.    Job agency
7.    Agricultural subjects: Feeding animals, fisheries and creative agriculture product after harvesting.
Please see their pictures bellow for both teams:

Students are very interesting in and happy to visit the Vocational training center. They thanks to our organization and Vocational training center representatives to take opportunity and show them on the center.


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