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September News

Farris Lake, Larvik, Norway

HOPE’s Nordic Challenge setting – Farris Lake, Larvik, Norway

At the beginning of the week we sent out HOPE’s newsletter to nearly 500 supporters and filled everyone in on HOPE news! Click here to get your copy now and find out what the HOPE trustees will be up to in November, what our young adults have been up to and what new projects we have helped out this year.

At the end of the week we will be having fun and games with a keen group of Scandinavian supporters who have signed up for a Nordic Challange in the beautiful setting of Farris Lake in Norway.

The group who studied and travelled the world back in 2007 are getting back together to raise money for HOPE. Juliane, Seb, Robin and Iselin will challenge themselves mentally and physically – depending on the weather!

After having visited Cambodia back in 2007 they kept in touch with HOPE and promised they would help out when they can. Since then the majority of the group have been back to Cambodia to volunteer and most have made various contributions of support.

This time on home ground they will be supporting not only HOPE’s young adult programmes, but as a special circumstance HOPE would like to fundraise for an individual who has always shown great enthusiasm, motivation and most importantly always with a huge smile. He will soon be embarking on the Sangkheum Center for Children’s Young Adult Programme, but this August we heard devastating news which could dramatically affect his future.

Having being treated two years ago for Tuberculosis of the spine (Pott’s Disease) Khim had shown great progress in his rehabilitation to date however, about one month ago, Khim began complaining of pain in his back and right leg, as well as numbness in the leg. X-rays and MRI scans revealed that his spine is severely damaged and deteriorating.

One of his vertebrae has collapsed onto the one below, resulting in the pinching of his sciatic nerve and the numbness in his leg.  If left untreated and the spine continues to deteriorate, his spinal cord (a vital part of the central nervous system) would eventually become compressed, after which paralysis in both legs would become a distinct possibility.

Thorough consultaion over the past month with doctors, therapists, and surgeons, both locally and internationally, regarding Khim’s condition has resulted in the overwhelming consensus that spinal surgery is the only treatment that may possibly prevent further damage to the spine and alleviate pain.

The Sangkheum team is reviewing the best options for Khim in terms of surgery and rehab. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to raise funds for Khim’s surgery to help their options in getting the best treatment for Khim.

So far fundraising is up to £640.00 and have smashed our initial target, however it would be great if we keep going and tip over the £1,000 mark so please do what you can and help support the Scandis during this weekend’s challenge.


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