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HOPE’s Nordic Challenge Weekend

Just back from a long weekend at ‘The Hytte’ (a cosy log cabin) situated along the shores of the beautiful Farris Lake in Larvik, Norway. This stunning setting was the backdrop for HOPE’s Nordic Challenge where 5 HOPE supporters took the challenge to raise a huge amount of money for HOPE (a whopping great £1,180.00 on the last check) and have some fun and games too.

The weekend started with a traditional game of Jam Jars which saw Juliane, Iselin, Henke, Seb and Robin running around the gardens finding numbered cups and placing named numbered slips in the respective cups. The sun was shining and half an hour of running around was a good start to the challenge and a good way to get to know the area ready for the treasure hunt.

The first clue, an easy one, started with…

When it’s cold
would you be so bold
to brave the snow,
and take the plunge!

… and warm up in the tub
and go for a scrub?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, The Hytte comes complete with a hot tub and was home to the second clue! Working as a team they answered 12 clues in total and collected a series of letters and words. The last clue read…

This is the end and final clue!
You should have 11 letters
and three words, too!

It’s a song title, you see,
but can you guess what it can be?

With a mixture of letters W A I L N L N E R and the words ‘TAKES’ ‘THE’ ‘IT’  – can you guess what it was? With three Swedes on the team, it didn’t take too much time to work it out, but they were a little stumped at the next questions…

Who sang the song?

Which 1980 album did it appear on?

Which song was on it’s B side?

What is the third word of the song title?

What is the first word of the song title?

By using the first letter of each answer they then had to guess what their next challenge was.

Without using the internet, do you know the answers? If so, go to our Facebook page and write your answers on the wall! The third questions seemed to be the hardest one.

Heading back to the cabin the team were presented with 10 different locally made jams and jellies of which they had to taste which flavours each were. This event was made equally challenging due to the use of English, Swedish and Norwegian language all having different names for the fruits! Thanks to Marius Sutherland, for providing so many tasty jams and jellies.

The next part of the challenge took the format of a traditional Pub Quiz – photo challenge, a ‘What am I…?’ and a ‘Who am I…?’ before moving onto the harder questions with a Norwegian section, a Swedish section and ‘Jorda Rundt’ (Round the World) section with some UK and Cambodia related questions thrown in.

Prizes consisted of yummy Norwegian chocolate and we saw a little bit of friendly controversy to decide the winner as Seb who came 2nd helped Iselin, the winner, in the Pub Quiz!!

Well done to everyone, though, for their enthusiasm and competitive spirit…!!

The weekend was completed by cooking up a tasty Khmer curry, thinking of our Cambodian friends, reminiscing travel tales and catching up on the last few years!

Next year is already in the planning process, so please let us know if you would like to join in another Nordic Challenge!!

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