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Sangkheum Youth climb the first steps to young adult preparation

After the successful (and ongoing) reintegration of the last group of young adults that HOPE support from Sangkheum Centre it’s now time to put what they’ve all learnt into the next generation of Sangkheum’s youth. The team are busy planning ahead and ensuring the next group of young adults between 13 and 17 follow in the positive footsteps of those already well advanced in the programme.

This is an extremely exciting time to ensure the younger ones benefit from the experiences of both what did work and what didn’t!

To start this process the Sangkheum staff have been running Life Skills workshops to enable the budding young adults and youths to think through potential scenarios they might find themselves in and give them the opportunity to answer and explain what they might do and why in any given situation.  Scenarios included ‘being mean to someone just because everyone else is’, or ‘taking someone else’s things without asking’, or ‘keeping money you find in the library’, etc.

Hannah, the Alternative Care and Education Program Coordinator, at Sangkheum who is initiating the workshops said “We had only planned 15 minutes for the activity, but they really got into it, I heard some really great discussions, and it took over an hour to finish! At the end they put together presentations to explain to the whole group what their answers were and how they came up with them.”  This interactive approach is very successful with the participants.

Most importantly Sangkheum are using these sessions to start the new young adult preparation programme and Hannah says that “We’ll link this activity to the next meeting where we’ll use those examples to start creating their own rules, and hopefully they’ll get as involved as they were this time.”

They also utilised this time to broach pending questions on being a teenager, to avoid any embarrassments they were asked to write down any questions they had and put them into a secret box. The discussion went extremely well and again the subjects discussed will be key to curriculum planning for the next sex education classes.
The next workshop will be held at the end of this month where the students will be divided into smaller groups to really benefit from the classes.

Tanya will be utilising her time back in Siem Reap for 6 weeks giving a hand in a workshop to discuss the employment options for the future. In addition she will be working at Sangkheum Center two days a week with the team to finalise HR/staff policies.

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