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The benefits of Vocational Training

A recent article in the Phnom Penh Post has caused a flurry of excitement amongst H.O.P.E Trustees who are true believers in the benefits vocational training offers. Take a look at this article written in this week’s paper advocating vocational training and its ability to provide a bridge for rural youths to enter the workforce.

It concludes in saying…

…Cambodia’s large and youthful population has the potential to offer a demographic dividend – where the proportion of the working population is larger than the dependent or non-working population especially when those young people are educated and skilled members of a healthy and productive labor force.

The alternative is a generation without hope for decent employment, which can be a problem for families, the economy, and society.

If young people can’t find stable employment, the sense of frustration and idleness can pose significant challenges to young people themselves, but also economic and social costs.  NGOs with their grassroots experience have a vital role to play in promoting youth development and ensuring that the next generation has the opportunity to realize its full potential.

Cambodia has a wealth of NGOs active in delivering services in education, training and health, for example. Cambodian NGOs that work to promote civic engagement and a youth volunteering culture also have an important role to play.

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