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Salariin Kampuchea students visit the prestigious Paul Dubrule School

Salariin Kampuchea Students visit the Paul Dubrule School

Salariin Kampuchea Students visit the Paul Dubrule School

Recently newly appointed Life Skills Trainer at Salariian Kampuchea, Naro, took Life Skills students to visit the prestigious Paul Dubrule Hotel School.In his own words Naro reports their reports their recent visit below…

Before the trip: We have taught our Life Skills students about Career Training and Social Education.

On 29th February 2012 at 9:45_11:10 am, Ravy and Naro who responsible for the Life Skills programme in Salariin Kampuchea in both schools and some of our team work such Dara, Pitou, Ryan ( Siem Reap I and Siem Reap II )visit Paul Dubrule School which is  located in Siem Reap.

All of our 18 students and 4 members of Salariin Kampuchea were transported by a big truck

Mr. Gerald Hougardy is a Director and Chhun Monyrath is a Director of Education welcomed us with a warming regard, when we arrived at Paul Dubrule School.

During our visiting: Mr. Chhun Monyrath told a little history of Paul Dubrule school and then he offered huge concepts how to get jobs in hotels before they decide to carry on with their university. Also, he guided our students to see all the different classes in Paul Dubrule. While he was bringing our students to all great wonderful classes, our students always asked many questions to him such as the fee, specific subjects and  involvements . Fortunately, Mr. Chhun Monyrath is a great and kind person to answer all the questions that our students had asked him.

On the other hand, after visiting some of our students keep their future career in mind ready. There are plenty of advantages for Life Skills students that are not just learning, but also to see the real situation.

In conclusion, the students are really interested and feel so glad for the visit very much, because they have heard Paul Dubrule many times, till now they are so sure about Paul Dubrule. Especially, they know when they should register and the procedure of school programmes in this school clearly.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you very much that Mr. Gerald Hougardy and  Chhun Monyrath welcomed our students warmly and all the students are leaving with two questions from Mr.Gerald Hougardy “What do you want be in the future?” What do you have to do first?”

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