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Salariin Kampuchea Life Skills Students Visit Soria Moria Hotel

Life Skills Students at Soria Moria Hotel

In March students from Salariin Kampuchea visited the Soria Moria Hotel in Siem Reap to learn about what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry in Siem Reap.

Visited Workplace: Soria Moria Boutique Hotel

Short Report:

On the 22nd of March 2013 at 2pm, Life Skills students went to visit Soria Moria hotel. We were welcomed by a General Manager, Ms. Sam Sokha. Our Life Skills students really interested and had a lot of questions to ask Ms.Sam Sokha. This is first field trip which is relevant to Career Training and Social Education that is on the two main topics in the Life Skill Schedule.

First of all, SK’s Team and Life Skills Students would like to say thanks very much to HOPE organization that supports Life Skills project where it can help the students to understand about the Social Life and Careers.

Second of that, thank you very much Ms.Sam Sokha who is a generous and

kind general manager in Soria Moria where she allowed our Life Skills students for a visit and clear out any wondering with fully, clearly and trustworthily explanations for all types of duties and all kinds of conditions and situations for students to understand the reality of daily work, especially about jobs, applications and social communications between the costumers and staff in the hotel. Furthermore, she clarified the strategies how to communicate, try to learn the characteristics of customers while they are staying in the hotel.

Moreover, Ms.Sam Sokha told a little history of her background of duty where she started from a gardener to become a general manager in the hotel. She offered huge concepts how to get jobs in hotel. Also, she guided our students to see all great wonderful the different departments, rooms and places in the hotel.

All in all, all the students were very interesting and happy to see the real lesson plus activity during a trip. They understand the procedure of applications and real social communication.

Students in pool room at Soria Moria Hotel with Director of Salariin Kampuchea Ravy and Soka, General Manager of Soria Moria Hotel

Students in the pool room with Naro, Educational Manager at Salariin Kampuchea

Students outside Soria Moria Hotel on Wat Bo Road Siem Reap


Students in the Fusion Kitchen at Soria Moria Hotel


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