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Cambodia Daily Report – Boy Caught Up in Protests Faces 11 Years in Jail

This Life Cambodia

Sadly this sort of thing happens to children too frequently in Cambodia where there is no reasonable juvenile justice system so they are treated and sentenced as if they were adults. The sentences are long and the children can miss the key years of their developing life.

This is why HOPE is so glad to be working to support  The This Life Behind Bars project run by This Life Cambodia.

The programme runs vocational training 3-4 days a week (mechanical or electrical repair work of motos, TVs, phones, computers etc), provides personal development support and very importantly facilitates family visits to maintain the family link.

To date none of the beneficiaries have re-offended, a great result, although we just wish this work wasn’t so so necessary in the first place.

Read the full article here and to read more about the wonderful work This Life Cambodia CLICK HERE.

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