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News from Salariin Kampuchea

For those of you who follow our blogspot regularly you’ll know the great work the team at SK achieve with their Life Skills programme and over the past few years supporting SK we have been very pleased with their continually high success rates.

We are delighted to announce they are now in a good position to re-invigorate themselves in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Forward planning to 2016 they are looking to merge all their current projects under two major headings:
1) Primary Education Support Project (PESP)
2) Young People Empowerment Project (YPEP)

The current Life Skills programme will be transformed with the overall goal under the YPEP proposal ‘to improve the life prospects of young people in the target region’. It aims to  ensure effective secondary and high school level education in Chreav, providing gateways for young people to employment.

These improvements cannot be made without a significant budget propping up the work. SK are looking for a total funding of $28,500 per annum starting January 2016. The current project cycle is proposed for 2016-2019 and is need of significant funding to achieve what they’ve set out to achieve.

So what are they setting out to achieve? By combining the two programmes they hope to:

  • Improve monitoring and evaluation
  • Overhaul reporting procedures
  • Enhance primary level education for children and youth
  • To empower young people to respond to Siem Reap’s changing job market

The key outputs of YPEP proposal are:

Output 1: Improved access to high-quality ICT and supplementary secondary stage English classes.

  • ICT – 5 classes a day, 5 days a week
  • English – 125 students attend per day, 2 hours per day, 5 days a week

Output 2: Improved access to relevant work experience and further education.

  • Work Experience, firstly SK gives particularly outstanding young people on the verge of graduating the opportunity to join its Youth Team, who assist in lessons in return for a small stipend and a reference. Secondly, seasonal work experience is provided during the high season by SK’s various partner companies.

Output 3: Improved access to effective career counselling and life-skill classes.

  • Career Services, SK provides career information and job announcements at SK’s office and library.  The Librarian and Project Coordinator keep abreast of job opportunities by consulting the local press, job sites and partner companies. Job announcements are posted in the library, and staff are made available for consultation to students requiring advice about career options. Further career services are provided during the life skill classes.
  • Life Skills Classes, classes are held for two groups of young people from the community. Each group meets once a week for two hours every Saturday, from 1 to 3pm and 3 to 5pm. The course lasts 1 year and is held by a dedicated life-skills trainer atthe SK school and office building. The life skill course focuses on two areas: social education and career training.
  • Social education topics: self-esteem, conflict and discussion, communication and friendship, feedback, motivation, traffic law, geography, gender, health (including nutrition, illness and Hygiene), sex, puberty, mental health, domestic violence, bullying, food preparation, and finding a house.
  • Career training topics: finding a job, applying for a job (including CVs, cover letters and interviews), keeping a job, further education, work-life balance, and managing finances. In addition, the course includes visits to hotels and vocational training centers, a test job, and an introductory management

Output 4: Improved access and participation in extra-curricular group-study and sports activities.

  • Providing study space – a quiet and friendly environment to help each other complete homework
  • Football and volleyball training sessions provided to encourage fitness and community spirit

The H.O.P.E trustees are eager to continue supporting SK’s aims and objectives but cannot do it without your help. We need more funds to achieve their goals.

On Saturday 13th of September H.O.P.E will be competing at Kent’s annual Dragon Boat Race in their aptly named boat ‘HOPE IT FLOATS II. We certainly do hope it floats and we hope to raise lots of money to help continue projects like Salariin Kampuchea. To show your support text Bewl70 £5 to 70070 or visit our just giving page




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