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About HOPE


With first hand experience of volunteering in Cambodia Tanya and Jo (Founding Trustees of HOPE) found it hard to walk away and head back to their ‘normal’ lives and jobs in London without establishing a long term commitment to continue helping and changing lives of others less fortunate than themselves.

The people and soul of Cambodia had touched them forever.  Knowing a little help can make a big difference, but conscious that the wrong delivery can have negative results they put their heads together and set up HOPE, a registered charity in England & Wales (registered number 1124372).


  • By helping others help themselves
  • By creating opportunity and choice

HOPE is seeking to support existing programmes assisting young people with their education and social development where:

  • there is a need for further funding to expand either the variety of their activities, for example extra provision in English or computer classes, or increase the number of young people they can support
  • we strongly believe it will make a permanent difference/improvement to the young people in the programmes
  • we can monitor the progress and results of the programme

HOPE does not intend to re-invent the wheel, duplicate effort or waste money on unnecessary admin costs.

HOPE will raise awareness and funds in support of the above activities by many means including (but not exclusively):

  • personal donations (from a wide database of business contacts, friends, family and visitors to the projects we support).
  • a series of sponsorship events that individual trustees will undertake including an annual bike challenge.
  • corporate sponsorship –¬† primarily, we intend to approach companies in the tourism industry since Cambodia’s growth as an exciting¬† tourist destination. As a result many of the young people we hope to help will undoubtedly be seeking employment in this industry in due course.
  • grant applications

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