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Our commitments to supporters

Cycling to school

  • We shall continue to research and review existing projects operating, or about to be set up, in Cambodia that support young people.
  • We shall consider the objectives and resources of these programmes
  • We shall agree a Memorandum of Understanding with the programme organisers determining/ agreeing how our money should be spent and specifying (i) regular reviews; (ii) agreement to our Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy and (iii) confirming we will withdraw funding if we believe the objects of H.O.P.E are not being achieved.
  • We shall, on occasion, identify new projects which are not fully established/organised and unable to commit to a MoU.  In such cases we may make small one-off donations (no more than £250) towards their set up/maintenance costs if we believe their purposes are aligned to the objects of H.O.P.E

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