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Cambodia is a great place to experience and sharing your knowledge and assisting the locals is a great way to contribute to local economic development, education and other issues.

However, we are very aware of the challenges that comes with volunteering, both positive and negative, not only because we were volunteers ourselves but working on the ground we have a good understanding of the various consequences surrounding volunteering and voluntourism.

That’s not to say don’t do it, but do lots of reading up on the subject, on the country and ask lots of questions. If you are paying for the placement ask where your money is going, be prepared to fill in a criminal background check, especially when working with children, and if they don’t ask, ask why not?  Be prepared to spend time (ideally three months +) working with local staff and developing sustainable programmes.

Exchanging skills is the key to volunteering are you a food & beverage operator? an IT expert? a marketer? an accountant? a project manager? a skilled nurse or  a qualified physiotherapist?

Volunteering’s not all about teaching small children, it’s about teaching local staff valued skills so they can help and teach others on a long term basis.

There are some great online resources for those of you who wish to read a little more and gain a better understanding before travelling.

We would suggest checking out these interactive links:-

Think Child Safe!