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News from Sangkheum Center for Children

Positive news, as ever, coming from Sangkheum Centre for Children (SCC) as they make positive steps to support alternative care for children and move away from institutional care.

The Young Adult programme is a huge part of this vision as young adults are prepared for life outside of residential care and supported to manage by themselves in a monitored environment.

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News from Salariin Kampuchea

For those of you who follow our blogspot regularly you’ll know the great work the team at SK achieve with their Life Skills programme and over the past few years supporting SK we have been very pleased with their continually high success rates.

We are delighted to announce they are now in a good position to re-invigorate themselves in an efficient and sustainable manner. Continued…

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News from This Life Cambodia

In conjunction with This Life’s Life Behind Bars programme, which HOPE have supported for the past 5 years, TLC have been working with Human Rights charity LICADHO on the ground breaking Mothers Behind Bars report. Continued…

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Young Adults visit the Sokha Hotel

On May 9th, 2015, fourth-generation life skills students and I have been to a local five star hotel, Sokha, in Siem Reap city. We were warmly welcomed from Management team at Sokha hotel with a huge amount of thirty two students.

It was a great honour to inform them about life skills program as well as on behalf of Salariin Kampuchea organization. We were also highly-respected introduced about various departments at Sokha hotel. Continued…

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Dragon Boat Racing – HOPE’s 2015 Fundraising Challenge

Remember last year’s fun and frolics in the water at Bewl Water? Well this year we’re all set to do it again and yes, you’ve guessed it we’re looking for some willing supporters.

If you fancy getting involved, whether paddling, drumming, cheering or fundraising we would love to hear from you!  Continued…

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Tanya’s blog – back in Siem Reap

Tanya and Tep

I wasn’t sure it could be done – catching up with all four local partners in a 3 trip day field trip tagged on to a business trip to Thailand – something I usually need a fortnight to do. OK, so I sacrificed shopping and seeing some friends but given my last visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia was 14 months ago I was eager to try.  Of course we stay in touch with all of our projects with regular reports and Skype but nothing beats seeing the young adults myself.

Arriving at the weekend helped as it is Saturday afternoon that Salariin Kampuchea Life Skills classes take place; two sessions of two hours with about 15 attending each one. It was especially good timing as the Fourth generation of students had only started a few weeks ago and today’s’ subject matter was “Communication”. Continued…

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Salariin Kampuchea Life skills group Visits a five-star Hotel – The Pacific Hotel

Students visiting the Pacific Hotel

Written by Mr Tep, Life Skills Teacher

On the January 24th, 2015 Life skill project in Salariin Kampuchea Organization has brought twenty-seven students to a local five-star in Siem Reap city in order to insert life skill students real knowledge and experiences with hotel departments such as Front desk, Restaurant, housekeeping departments and also general tasks related to the hotel industry. Continued…

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Jo’s trip back to Cambodia, but…

Lunch at the temples

11 days are just never enough to see and do everything that needs doing in Siem Reap, especially when you want to catch up with old friends, help celebrate birthdays and see how all our wonderful projects are running. The ‘To Do’ list was long but fortunately only very little was left undone and hey, there is always next year…

On our first day, by chance, we bumped into one of Sangkheum Center’s young adults, Pok, who you may remember from our previous blogs as training with the army to become a nurse. She was beaming from ear to ear when she saw me and couldn’t wait to tell us about her new good looking husband and new job at the Eye department of the Provincial Hospital! So pleased to hear her good fortune, my smile in turn beamed from ear to ear and did not leave my face the entire trip – it was great to be back. Continued…

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Thank you letter from Salariin Kampuchea

Ravy at the starting line!

Dear Jo and Tanya,

First of all, on behalf of Salariin Kampuchea, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratefulness for your support on the bike race and ride this again. Our young adults are very happy to join the event.

Please see below for happy pictures of the students and staff. Continued…

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Tep from Salariin Kampuchea reports on recent Traffic Training Workshop

Life Skills Students attend Traffic Training Workshop

According to local statistics traffic accidents are increasing significantly in Cambodia. Thus the Traffic Department in Siem Reap and Salariin Kampuchea Organization have cooperated to conduct this workshop in order to not only provide traffic knowledge, but also reduce any injuries occurring from traffic accident. Continued…

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