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Anjali House – Young Adult Programme

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In October 2010 Anjali House has embarked on a new programme for their young adults aged between 16 and 18 years. This programme, similar to Sangkheum’s, is designed to prepare them for life outside Anjali House and adulthood.
The programme includes lessons and workshops in the following topics:

• Money management
• Communication skills
• Life skills
• Career options

The main goal of the programme is to prepare the children to live on their own in the future and enable them to care for themselves by earning money through a job they like.

Following HOPE’s dedication to assisting young adults in Siem Reap the trustees have pledged their support to Anjali House and will be assisting with the employment of a new teacher to manage their young adult programme.

Set up in 2006 under the umbrella of the Angkor Photography Festival Association Anjali House is a registered local Non-Governmental Organisation based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s dedicated to supporting over 80 4-16 year old kids in not only education but assisting them with shelter and care.

Initially a group of photographers set out to promote photography and highlight humanitarian issues in South East Asia. The photographers aimed to produce a regional photo festival but, in turn benefitting some of the people who would become part of their art work not only in the photos but taking photos too. Anjali began with a one-off dance troupe and photography workshop and street kids were encouraged away from their daily habits off the streets. At the end of one week they performed their dance routine and exhibited their photographs to an international audience. The show was a complete success and gave the kids an abundance of pride, personal achievement and a sense of empowerment. Emotions rarely felt before.

The photographer’s support continued and motivated by the difference that week made they pledged to provide education and practical support to Siem Reap’s under-privileged street children.
Anjali House is now a refuge for youngsters, offering a whole host of activities to keep them motivated and keen to learn. Anjali House supports their education by:-

• Paying for public school fees
• Providing uniforms
• Supplies necessary school stationary
• Runs 5 English classes per day
• Runs a physical education and sports programme
• Runs an IT programme
• Runs a Culture and Morality programme

Responding to basic health needs Anjali House also has clean running water for kids to shower in and provides toiletries so kids can maintain clean teeth and healthy skin, alleviating common complaints like gingivitis and scabies.
Every day the kids receive a piece of fruit, two nutritional meals and filtered water to drink to assist in a balanced diet. In addition the kids get regular health checks up from the Angkor Hospital for children.