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My Grandfather’s House

Kunn at My Grandfather's House

Kunn at My Grandfather's House

My Grandfather’s House aims to build education and capacity to the local children of Sampov Lourn village providing additional Khmer, Math, English and recreational activity.

Sompov Lourn village is located in Kralanh, neighbouring Siem Reap province to the North West. Lying on a confluence of rivers adjoined to the mighty Tonle Sap villagers enjoy an abundance of fish to eat and work primarily on the land harvesting rice.

Education is limited in the countryside, and with little economic prosperity reaching those in need there is ample necessity to build on education. My Grandfather’s House works to ensure future job opportunities lie in Cambodia for the locals rather than going to work in neighbouring countries. Many locals have forfeited their daily lives in Cambodia to find employment abroad to support their families often working illegally they risk their futures working in often unsecure and unsafe environments.

A local guesthouse owner in Siem Reap, Chab Vann Kunn, had always been motivated to give something back to his home village of Sompov Lourn to enable poverty stricken neighbours increase their education level and employment opportunities. With the help of HOPE trustee Jo and a few more friends his dream became a reality in March 2010.

Kunn’s father has donated his own father’s house (hence the name of the school) to accommodate the school and activity centre. The historic structure has been renovated cleaned and painted to provide, in the first instance, two classrooms and one library/activity room. Its goal is simply to build education and capacity to the local children of Sampov Lourn village.

Providing free education to over 350 students HOPE has pledged their support by paying the salaries of four teachers. Two full time teachers and two part time teachers to look after the school and provide supplementary lessons mirroring the Cambodian curriculum, sports, creative classes and English language lessons.