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Iron Workshop

With the foresight of Una Goccia Per il Mondo, One Iron Drop for the World, (an Italian charity) the Iron Workshop was set up in Pouk District in the Siem Reap Province. Its goal is to train young men, who may otherwise not have had the opportunity to secure employment.

Una Goccia Per il Mondo’s main objectives are:-

1) To make the Iron Workshop self sustainable
2) To offer professional training to the beneficiaries
3) To support the Sangkheum Center

In accordance to HOPE’s goals Jo spent some time at the Iron Workshop. During her time there she implemented standard operating procedures to enable sustainability through efficient sales and marketing, accounting and administration.

Here is a brief summary of completed tasks during her time there:-
• Implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) which were put in place in regards to Personnel documentation and records. Sales and Marketing in terms of basic customer database management and efficiently documenting revenue brought in per customer.
• Sales training was implemented which included basic sales techniques, relationship building and efficient sales follow up.
• Devised the sales and marketing plan for 2007 – once all SOPS had been adhered to, the workshop would be ready to cope with an increase in business.

Recommendations implemented

Time management
• 3 hours daily planning and office management
• Use of white board – breakdown of daily tasks and orders to achieve that day
• End of day summary of work that hasn’t been completed ready for tomorrows list of daily tasks for the whiteboard
• Work sheet available for the boys to understand daily task ahead
• Monthly report format to be devised and implemented in terms of personnel movement and budget and revenue

Sales & Marketing
• 6 weekly emails blast to customers
• Re-print business cards and tags
• New brochure to be designed with higher prices
• Catalogue all current and future designs