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Sangkheum Center for Children

Sangkheum Center for Children

Children playing at Sangkheum Center for Children

Since 2001, Sangkheum Center has given hope to over 260 orphaned, abused or neglected children. Sangkheum (meaning hope in the Khmer language and an inspiration for H.O.P.E’s name) Center is a residential home for children. Additional scholastic support and supervision is given to children between 4 and 17 years of age.

The curriculum embraces both general education and vocational training. The children and young adults have access to primary and high school education and the opportunity to learn and develop valuable life skills through a number of activities including Khmer culture, traditional dance and music. The children also attend English language lessons and play sports.

Sangkheum Center for Children is a successful working project between the Italian NGO Progetto Continenti. The combination of international aid and local co-operation has provided an ideal partnership to ensure the future of many Cambodian children.