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2009 London to Brighton Cycle Challenge

After having faced his share of dust, red sand, rain, dirt, and Cambodian roads of varying conditions, Thomas was looking forward to cycle the beautiful scenic route from London to Brighton in HOPE’s London to Brighton Cycle Challenge alongside Katy Shaw who commutes to central London everyday by bicycle.

Both challengers took on Tanya’s 2009 cycle challenge and showed great motivation and fitness after conquering the 50 + miles from Streatham to Brighton Pier. Saturday night poured with rain and it was sheer luck that it cleared by 7am on Sunday morning.

After leaving London and suburbia behind, the journey took them through picturesque Surrey and Sussex villages. Taking rest at Pease Pottage service station, Heidi and I stocked up their supplies before setting off for the rest of the journey in beautiful sunshine. 5 hours later we were all on Brighton Beach sipping champagne not only congratulating the completion of the challenge but also Heidi’s birthday!

Big thanks go out to many people who made this day possible. After officially cancelling the cycle ride, Katy and Thomas were both so determined to do it they made it possible alongside Heidi who, after rallying round friends and colleagues, secured lots of funds. Not only that, she cooked a fantastic meal the night before ensuring enough carbohydrates were on board enabling the riders to be fuelled all day. She filled up lunch packs with bananas, muesli bars, and flapjacks to ensure they had enough to eat along the way.

Thanks also to Harry and Phil for lending Thomas a bike! Jo (Katy’s sister), Izzy (Katy’s niece), Steve (Old Geezer from the Berners) Tanya, Rob, Noeleen and little Erin for being there at the finishing line in support of Katy and Thomas’ efforts.

In addition thank you to everyone who sponsored Thomas and Katy and motivating them to fulfill their challenge. Katy has been so inspired she is already waiting with anticipation for next year’s fundraiser!!

After Harnessing Oddlesofdosh through Pedaling and Exhaustion, the sponsorship is a FANTASTIC £1,408.00. Can we tip over to £1,500? Sponsorship pages are still open and if you would like to show your support and congratulate Thomas and Katy visit….


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