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Sangkheum Young Adults visit Preah Vihear Temple

In August the Young Adults from Sangkheum Center for Children visited Preah Vihear temple, in their own words here is what they saw and experienced on their trip.

On the way to Preah Vihear
We left our house at 5:45, and we went straight to have petrol at Svay Thom at 6:03. And then we continued our traveling to Preah Vihea Province. On the road we could see new stadium, beautiful green rice fields, a lot of palm trees, Phnom Bok. At 6:14 we’re arrived at Preah Dakk Pagoda, School and Post Preah Dakk. We traveled arrive Banteay Srey District 6:20. We just traveled a minute we arrived the way to Phnom Kolen at 6:30 in Khna Sannday Commune. On the road we could see a lot of traffic sign, Bateay Srey health Center, Sela Cha Banteay Srey pagoda, parking buses station and Banteay Srey temple resort, Phnom Dey, line of Kulen Mountain and Kbalspean, Clouds near the mountain, a lot of company of breaks, arrived at Kbalspean resort at 6:43.

Saw a lot of farmer do farming, like as rice, corn and vegetables. Arrived at Srenoy market at 6:57 and we have breakfast there. And we continue.
On the road we saw a lot of modern cars traveling to Preah Vihea Province. A lot of forests destroy by people.

By – Tola, Painey,Samnang, Pok, Lida

Preah Vihear Temple
The temple is very pleased to welcome all of us to visit. Now I would like to tell you some features in this temple when my team ^Yapp team^ was visited there. On the first day, we went to Preah Vihea Temple. The temple was full of sandstones and late- rite and forest neither. In front of the first temple (Preah Vihea) is in Khmer money (50000 R and 2000R) note. Around the temple has enough cabbage cans (Bins) for visitors to put unless things that they don’t continues to use. And if you go to Boutady place in this temple and you look down, you can see, it probably to Europe country or heaven because there are full of foggy and forests surrounded the temple, but the temple was broken a lot. However the scriptures were similar to Bantey Srie temple too. There are some big trees in this temple as-well. When it is cool, it is going to rain. In the morning the temple not so busy, but in the evening it is very busy, so many crowds from other provinces and countries visit this temple and it also foggy too in the after-noon and in the evening.

The view of the temple is very wonderful, the grass is very clean and green and it’s tidy as-well. Unfortunately the rain fall when we were visited Boutady; other-wise all of us like to take pictures neither.

On the second day we went to Phoun Dong Rek and went to the Thai market as-well. There are so many crowds at there. Many goods are sold there too, but the most that they sold are clothes and vegetables. After-that when we finished visit the Thai’s market, we went for-ward to Kbal Spean.

Finally we arrived back our home at 3.00 pm. (We were happy to visit Preah Vihea temple and the foods were delicious neither).
By Bota, Ann, Soctha, Sameth.

People Living Standard at Preah Vihea
Most people live in Preah Vihea Province do the farming. Doing the farming is very important for people live in Preah Vihea Province, because people there are very poor. Some people grow a lot of kinds of crops, like, corn, beans, mangoes, bananas and some people grow vegetable, cucumbers, pumpkins, string beans. People’s houses are made from wood because in their village there are a lot of trees.

People who live in the center of the province are richer than people who live far away from the center of the province. Some people own guesthouses, rent houses. There are a lot of people run the restaurants and some people run the shops, clothing shops, telephone shops, coffee shops.

All the children in the center of province go to school and their traveling to school is possible. Their school is not far away from their houses. Some of them go to school by motorbikes and some students go school by their bicycles. For the students who live in a remote, not many students go to school. Their school is very far from their houses, so their traveling is difficult.
By Hong, Sambath, Mol, Chuomnage.

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