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Teacher Training

Seeing as it’s the raining season and public schools are closed, many of the teachers on the programmes HOPE support have been given the opportunity to have some additional teacher training.

First off one of Sangkheum’s educators, Sann Tola, trained the teachers from My Grandfather’s House alongside several YAP students who have shown a keen interest in teaching. The training included how to plan terms, weeks and days and plan classroom Activities. It also covered teaching them about sounds, sound games, and sound curriculum. Presentation methods, recording and test analysis.

In addition four Sangkheum Center teachers including the YAP Educator Sandap went to Phnom Penh to attend Training in: Khmer Curriculum & Planning, Advanced English, Primary & Secondary Maths, Primary & Secondary Science, IT and Administration Skills and First Aid Training.

Thanks very much to Kate White and Michelle Woo for making this happen!


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