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Harnessing Oddlesofdosh through Pedaling and Exhaustion!! Update…

As you can see from earlier blogs and updates, training has officially started for HOPE’s annual bike challenge. This year Tanya will be joining Jo, Thomas, Samnieng, Dayvy, Jay, Vanarith, Ida, Karla, Marli, Natasha and many of the Young Adults and educators from Sangkheum Center for Children, Anjali House and Salariian Kampuchea in the annual Angkor Bike Rally.  HOPE entered the Sangkheum young adults into this last year and they got so much out of it we have agreed to do it again – and this time with even more recruits. At the time of writing, we have over 50 participants in Siem Reap and a growing number elsewhere too!

This is the kids own way of helping us to help themselves, and if you would like to encourage them further please visit the Just Giving page – Harnessing Oddlesofdosh through Pedalling and Exhaustion.

The regular training sessions from outside Soria Moria Boutique Hotel are going well with various routes trough some beautiful Cambodian countryside. Should you happen to be in Siem Reap and would like to support the young adults in their preparations, please contact the reception at Soria Moria for the latest training schedules as we will have extra cycle guides allowing a number of guests to join the training sessions – absolutely free of charge…!!

Whilst obviously missing out on the great atmosphere and beautiful backdrop of the Angkor temples, some keen supporters have committed to do 30kms on exercise bikes on the day of the event or embrace the great outdoors wherever they may be. Mads will be pedalling on an exercise bike on board FPSO Ningaloo Vision offshore just outside of Australia, another group organised by Jess Connor will be on the Great Ocean Road and, encouraged by a recent visit to Siem Reap, another group of supporters from lead by Jan will be pedalling in their training room in Sandefjord, Norway.

We have also received wonderful support from the Adidas shop in Siem Reap who will be providing water bottles, wrist bands, head bands and socks for prizes!

The big day is Saturday, 4th of December and starts at sunrise!

Despite many good friends and loyal supporters in the UK, we have no organised events scheduled on the day there (…yet), so, should you want to put some extra muscle behind your fundraising efforts, join our growing team of global challengers by contacting us !!

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