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Teacher Training complete!

HOPE sponsored teachers complete Teacher Training Course

HOPE sponsored teachers complete Teacher Training Course

Teacher training for Sangkheum and Salariian Kampuchea English teachers is complete and Steve Longley, Teacher Trainer, is extremely pleased with the effort everyone put in and the results!

The 4 teachers survived the course and were able to join the teacher/student party at the end with smiles on their faces. The last 3 days saw them each conduct an 80-minute lesson putting in what they had learned with a handed-in written assignment evaluating themselves and a peer. All of them have made huge strides forwards and now it remains for them to continue with their new skills in their own organisations. I am more than happy with the way the trainee teachers conducted themselves throughout the course with open ears and a willingness to improve. I would also like to thank the students of the Salariin Kampuchea who welcomed each different teacher warmly and were a joy to teach.

Steve Longley – Teacher Trainer


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