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More Young Adult News – Anjali House

In the beginning HOPE set out to give the young adults of Cambodia a better future, through play, education and development, in order to harness opportunity and positive change. Supporting Anjali’s young adult programme fits our remit exactly. HOPE are extremely pleased with the progress Anjali House are striving to make with their young adults, and proud to share their news with you.

Anjali young adults have grown in recent months to 29 and with this growth is the employment of two supervisors to manage the daily living in the satellite house opened in March 2011, nicknamed Room for Potentials. Referring to the great potential of Anjali’s young adults and the room they need to be able to reach this potential, it is currently home for 8 young adults increasing to 9 in the summer. In order to enhance their ‘independent living skills’ the young adults have developed a democratic leadership chart in the house and an active point system to measure their new skills in areas such as education and employment, social behaviour and environmental factors. The ultimate goal is to guide young adults to become successful and independent members of society and they set up personal development plans (PDP’s) which are monitored on a regular basis.

A selection of young adults have also been placed at a variety of jobs not only increasing their independence but allowing them to contribute to monthly household bills.

Their free time is also supplemented with sport, theatre, creative writing and photography workshops!

All in all the Anjali young adults seem to be making fabulous progress and the Anjali staff have put tremendous efforts in to make this work. Each and every student puts as much into the programme as they get out of it making it a win win situation all round.

“….We look forward to the upcoming months, where we will try to develop the YAPIP to the next stage. The expansion of the program within Anjali House is a big step in our goal to reach as many marginalized young adults with the YAPIP as possible. We hope to continue this expansion further in the future and we are grateful for the support from HOPE in our efforts to improve the situation of young adults in Siem Reap.”
Richard de Groot – Program Coordinator of the Young Adult Program

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