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HOPE funds recently contributed towards the delivery of a succesful workshop in Siem Reap helping young adults understand more about life and sexuality

There are many universal problems, obstacles and challenges young adults face all over the world whether it is passing their exams, deciding to go to university or the complexities of whether to go on a date with someone.  HOPE’s young adults have been facing some of these challenges head on and attended a workshop raising awareness entitled: Knowledge And Reflection On Life & Sexuality Through a Holistic Approach.

Here Rouen from Anjali House describes his experiences by attending the work shop.

Realizing about Karol & Setha

By: Roun

Karol & Setha is a program of Maryknoll organization and the full meaning of the words Karol & Setha is Knowledge And Reflection On Life & Sexuality Through a Holistic Approach. Karol & Setha is a program that gives education and chances to young adults for thinking and communicating with the family, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends in the best way.

Last week on Monday the 4th of July 2011, I went to study about Karol & Setha at Pannasastra University. There were six organizations that went to study about Karol & Setha, they were Anjali House, Grace House, Global Child, Sangkheum Center, New Hope and Green Gecko.
In my class, there were 19 students and 3 teachers, they are all very friendly and funny and also smart. The teachers taught us 9 topics from

Karol & Setha. They were:
1.    Who am I? Who are you?
2.    Showing your feelings and good listening
3.    Growing of love
4.    Sexual intercourse between men and women
5.    Body, feelings, and mind
6.    How to control sexual desire
7.    How to stop or control peer pressure
8.    The flower of love
9.    How to stop and control the spread of HIV/AIDS

These 9 topics gave me more knowledge about Karol & Setha. These lessons are very important for me and for other young adults. I had a nice time at Pannasastra University because I knew many friends from other organizations and I played a lot of games with my new friends. Especially this program made me have a great time, because I learned to be brave, to ask questions, and realize a lot about desire between men and women and also communication with other people.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Karol & Setha for making me clear and realizing a lot about their topics. Oh, and I forgot to tell you this: at the end everybody made a wonderful heart from a piece of paper and they wear it on the back of their body and they go around and write good things about their friends. All the students were really proud of the teachers because they prepared good lessons for us. Everybody said it as a good lesson but for me, I said it was an extraordinary lesson because I never knew and learned these lessons before.

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