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Young Adult Development News! The story continues…

HOPE trustees are hugely proud of the leaps and bounds the young adults take as they leave High School and venture out to the big wide world with so much hope and in-trepidation!Six young adults from Sangkheum Center for children left school this September and have embarked on different paths all determined to grasp the opportunities presented to them.

An is attending the prestigious hospitality school Paul Dubrule in Siem Reap where he is learning front office desk skills. Bota is studying  a Business Management course at BBU University, and works full time for Angkor Hotels, an online hotel booking site. Pok and Samnang both budding nurses who gained valuable work experience at Angkor Hospital for Children earlier this year started training at a military nursing centre earlier this month, while Chomnegn and Sameth have moved to the capital city Phnom Penh; Chomnegn to complete a well recognised computer course and Sameth to work for the NGO Starfish.

Two Interns at This Life Cambodia continue their hard work at the TLC offices. Both girls are enjoying the chance to help their communities through TLC initiatives (which include bike programmes for getting kids to school – a simple solution but one of the main reasons they don’t attend given the distance to school and the provision of solar power lamps to enable kids and adults to do their homework after dark).

Seven young adults living at the Anjali Young Adult House equally continue to strive forward as they find their way in the working world.

Sophal has secured herself a fantastic job at HALO Trust, a landmine clearance organsiation. Where she will be talking to some of the heavily mined communities in Cambodia about the work HALO Trust do whilst de-mining. Sophal is the first young adult to leave the programme and the Programme Managers couldn’t be happier of her success.

Roun, and Sopheak work at the socially responsible hotel Soria Moria in Siem Reap and continue to sharpen their waiting and communication skills with the tourists.
Sopheak says…
“I have studied English class for two years I can speak English but not very well and I had a best job opportunity at Soria Moria. I have learnt about a lot at my job, and I talk to people, especially with people from other countries.”

Roun makes the most of his spare time in between study and work playing football and cycling!

Sandy has gained more experience this month in his chosen area of healthcare and has acted as a translator for a recent group of Physiotherapy students from the University of Sydney. Sandy is finishing up his last few months of English classes before he would like to start going to University for a degree in Nursing.

Working for the Dutch organisation PURE! Sert is teaching both sports, and computers to elementary students. Sert received this promotion along with a used laptop computer after working with Pure for a little over 1 year and showing his dedication and passion for the work they do. Sert is currently working on his last year of English language studies before he would like to find a university for the 2012 school year to start a bachelor’s degree in IT.
Pheaktra is finishing his training this month with Grace House’s vocational training scheme for electricians having recently finished a 6 month placement as an electrician at the Ree Hotel in Siem Reap.  Looking to learn a trade in installing air-conditiong Rith is currently working at the Angkor Century Hotel.

Last but not least Sokdam is excited to embark on work in the field of graphic design or computer editing in some manner.

That’s quite an impressive portfolio of achievements this year and we are so pleased with all their hard work and enthusiasm. The project managers should be extremely proud of their achievements in believing in these kids and giving them a future.

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