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Salariin Kampuchea young adults evaluate their Life Skills classes

Over the next three months the young adults studying life skill classes at Salariin Kampuchea will be finishing off their year long course with the following subjects; psychology, ideas and wisdom, development and communication, factors for happiness in the family, honesty and answering the very difficult question, especially as a teenager, who am I?

We are very excited to see the first set of graduates from this programme, which according to their own feedback  (by all accounts), is being hailed as a success!

Before the term ends, the students will also spend time improving their interviewing skills, and will visit the prestigious Paul Dubrule hotel school and a local bank.

A recent survey was carried out on all the students to see how much they felt they had personally benefited from the Life Skills programme and  how much they have enjoyed it! All in all it was all very positive reading:-

At both schools they liked it so much they wanted to study more…. on Sundays! Most importantly they thought the Life Skills programmes would make it is easier to find a job, and have requested more visits to work places.

At Siem Reap II (Salariin Kampuchea’s rural school) most students liked to do research online and present their findings. They commented that the presentations boosted social communication skills and helped them feel more confident. They have requested more subjects that involve them researching on the internet!

There is an overriding desire to continue studying these subjects and all in all they really want to study and get more experiences connected to the jobs and work training. They have also requested more learning on foreign countries.

Most importantly the research concluded that the programme has been most helpful in learning about society and their role in it.

Over the next few weeks we hope to bring you more news of the success of their final months of learning and field visits.

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