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Salariin Kampuchea Life Skills Students visit Soria Moria

Once again the┬áSalariin Kampuchea Life Skills students got the opportunity to visit the Soria Moria Hotel and see first hand what it’s like to work in a hotel.

Our good friends Sokha and Sochen showed the students front and back of house areas and gave a short presentation on what it is like to work in the hospitality industry.

Salariin Kampuchea’s Life Skills teacher, Tep, has written a personal letter to HOPE Trustees to thank them and you for the support.

Dear Jo and Tanya,

How do you do! How are you getting on today? Our life skill students and I
are pretty fine because we had had two weeks holiday for our traditional
celebration, Phum Ben. I strongly hope that you are pretty fine as well so

Well, our life skill students and I have just visited a luxurious and beautiful
hotel, Soria Moria, in Siem Reap city with twenty six students on Saturday
11th October, 2014.

Actually, during ,our visit I can observe that a speaker,
Miss Soka, a general manager at Soria Moria hotel, have guided our
students to many places such as front desk hall, restaurant, swimming pool,
small bar, massage room, rooms, gym and other places in her hotel and she
also explained about the important function of each room, the background of
the Soria Moria, how it is networking with social and community
development like giving opportunity to Cambodian youths to volunteer for
work experience there.

Furthermore, she has also described the working
process in her hotel to our students. Besides, I found that our students were
delighted to ask her many questions which related to hotel industry. It is
really a positive signal for our students to gain a real knowledge and absorb
the valuable experiences from a profession.

Technically speaking, our students realize that how qualified they are if they
do want to work in the hotel industry and what are requirements that they
should fill up for their shortage of language fluency and capacity.

All in all, On behalf of staff, management and students from SK, we would
like to say thank you very much for your sponsoring this project so far and
we are committed that we will provide and share new experiences to our
students in order to enable them to socialize and get a better future.

Best Regards,
Morn Tep

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