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News from Sangkheum Center for Children

Positive news, as ever, coming from Sangkheum Centre for Children (SCC) as they make positive steps to support alternative care for children and move away from institutional care.

The Young Adult programme is a huge part of this vision as young adults are prepared for life outside of residential care and supported to manage by themselves in a monitored environment.

To date, with HOPE’s support, 11 young adults have successfully graduated from the young adult programme and living independently. On average they are earning $210 a month in a mixture of jobs including IT, Tourism & Hospitality, NGOS and manufacturing.

The next generation of 8 young adults are due to start at the Build Bright University (BBU) in Siem Reap and another 10 young adults are ready to join the pre-young adult programme.

Over the past few months SCC have re-structured and looked closely at their emergency protocols, risk management procedures and monitoring tools.

In addition, they have recruited one new social worker and trained them up in both the young adult and pre-young adult programmes, family re-integration and counselling.

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