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This Life Cambodia Internship Programme

H.O.P.E is proud to support This Life Cambodia’s Internship programme whereby two young adults from the rural countryside are selected to work with This Life Cambodia’s team. Gaining invaluable work experience in the office they are also attending university and are provided a salary to sustain their living costs whilst in Siem Reap.

The TLC Internship Programme gives recent high school graduates the opportunity for further learning through university and on the job training.

Not only have these young adults had an exciting opportunity to further their education, they visit their home villages every week and offer advice and support to youngsters in all areas of life. They liaise with teachers to monitor progress and identify any problems within the community that This Life Cambodia (TLC) can assist with.  For example, one school had a high drop out rate of teenage girls in school and after a little research it was due to the lack of female toilet facilities. TLC set to task to with the community to raise money and build a new toilet block. Now the girls are returning back to school.

TLC is focused on developing educational, skill and development programs as well as support that directly benefits the lives of children, youth and their communities in rural Cambodia. Their strategy, simply, is to improve the quality of life for under served and vulnerable groups in Cambodia.

The individuals who TLC select for the Internship Program show great potential in their schooling and without TLC’s support it would be a very hard journey to further their potential through education and improve their quality of life.  A journey many chose not to take because they do not have the resources to finance it.

TLC has harnessed the potentials of these individual and offered these young adults opportunities through Education and have given them and their families a chance to break free from the poverty cycle.

TLC provides adequate salary to pay for accommodation, food and clothes and even enough for small savings too, which is being put aside for their families.

In order for the girls to be accepted on the internship program they have committed to:-

•    Attend all relevant training days

•    Be willing and open to learning

•    Act as a Scholar Mentor – Scholar mentors are the representatives of TLC’s scholarship students, in their village. They are an intermediary between the schools and TLC’s Scholarship Program Office and to be a counsellor to the scholars and their parents.

TLC have extended their  thanks to H.O.P.E sponsors for supporting their interns, saying that HOPE’s support is making a positive change in her life through  the opportunity for further learning at university and on the job training, together providing a bright future.