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Sangkheum Program for Young Adults

Young adult group

Young adult group

The Sangkheum Program for Young Adults is a two-stage project designed to benefit resident young adults at the Sangkheum Center for Children. It has been initiated to help young adults integrate into the community when they end their stay at the center, by providing further education or vocational skills training to prepare them and by supplying them ongoing support.

Each young adult will benefit from a specific training programme; created for them and considering their current education and needs. For those who wish to continue studying, there will be support in both Khmer and English studies. Part time work placements will be found for them, too, or an enrolment in a specific vocational training course.

Why we support this program

H.O.P.E believes supporting the Sangkheum Program for Young Adults will make a permanent difference to the life of Young Adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cambodia.

Most of the children in the centre have siblings that will be inspired and ultimately supported by the elder brothers and sisters.

‘‚ĶWithout the Sangkheum Program for Young Adults there may as well not be any orphanages if all it does is postpone the time until the children/young adults are back living off the streets in poverty‚Ķ’ Daniela – Ex-Project Manager, Sangkheum Center for Children

Samnang talks below about his aspirations after leaving the Sangkheum Center.