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More on the Sangkheum Program for Young Adults

What is it?

The Sangkheum Program for Young Adults

  • Preparation Program – 2 years to prepare the 16-18 yr old orphans for life beyond the orphanage.
  • Integration Program – 2 years supporting them in the first years beyond the orphanage, financially but also as guardians/advisers
The Sangkheum Program for Young Adults will equip them with extra-curriculum education not provided at school including:
  • Personal and Social Development skills such as
    • Health awareness
    • Domestic science
    • Money management
    • Jobs and careers
    • Sex and relationships
    • IT/Computer skills
    • The world around us
    • English
  • General skills for development such a
    • decision making,
    • planning, monitoring and reviewing
    • self-awareness and self-presentation

The Sangkheum Program for Young Adults financially supports the rent and food costs for living outside the orphanage, supports them learning to cope on their own, cooking for themselves, finishing their education, taking on a job and caring/supporting their families etc.